An Overview

The Restricted/Negative list typically consists of items that can’t be freely imported. The import of Restricted/Negative items requires an authorisation/license. The Restricted items import can only be done by the actual user. Items in the Restricted items list are restricted either because of security, health, or environmental concerns or because they are produced by small companies, home-based or village-based, requiring little skill but employing large numbers of local people.

According to Trade Notice No. 47/2020-21 : Dated 23rd March 2021: Issuance of Import Authorization for ‘Restricted’ items from DGFT HQs w.e.f. 22.03.2021, the DGFT has introduced a new online module for import authorisation for restricted items. So the import authorisation for restricted items needs to be submitted online DGFT HQ.

What is Restricted Import Authorisation?

The Restricted Import Items are those items that are not freely importable; require the import license/Authorization/permission from DGFT. The restricted items only can be imported after having the Restricted Import License.

On 23rd March 2021, the Government has introduced the online module to issue the restricted import license under Import Management System. No Manual application would be accepted. The License for restricted items is issued by the DGFT Delhi.

Documents required for application to get Restricted Import License

Documents required for application to get Restricted Import LicenseImport-Export LicenseMSME CertificateBoard resolution copyAdhar card and Pan card of Authorized SignatoryAuthorization from concern dept.

List of Concerned Departments providing permission to import restricted items

Documents required for application to get Restricted Import License The importer wish to get restricted import license has to take the permission from the concerned department.

Amendment of Restricted Imports License

The Restricted Import License holders are permitted to amend the license, new items can be added, and the quantity and CIF value can be decreased or increased, UOM (Unit of Measure) can be changed. Amendment of an issued License is only allowed until its import validity period. The basic application fee is required to be paid. If the CIF value would be increased the application fee will also increase.

What is the EFC and what is the role of EFC in Restricted Import Authorisation?

The EFC stands for EXIM Facilitation Committee (EFC). This committee chaired by Additional DGFT in charge of imports and comprises representatives of various Ministries and Departments. The applications for issuance of import authorization for ‘Restricted’ items are processed in Import Cell and considered by an EXIM Facilitation Committee (EFC).

How we can assist you to get Restricted Import License?